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ServiceLocal.net is owned and operated by AllWeb Solutions, LLC.

We are providers of web-based technology, marketing, and business automation solutions for local businesses. Our solutions help to increase sales traffic to business web assets and connect businesses to customers.

Our ServiceLocal.net solution is a services-focused Business Directory that attracts targeted customers to your business.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to claim my business listing if the information is already accurate?

Answer: Yes. You may find that your business information appears accurate as listed in our ServiceLocal.net business directory. There are likely missing details that you will be able to add in once you claim the listing.

A CLAIMED listing gives consumers confidence in doing business with you and our data analysis shows a much higher click-through rate for claimed listings vs unclaimed listings.

Furthermore, at some point in time, we may disable displaying full or portions of UNCLAIMED listings. And, unclaimed listings will eventually be de-prioritized in search results in ServiceLocal.net, and unclaimed listings visibility will decrease.

Lastly, claiming a listing allows you to easily make changes to your listing in the future if your business has a change like an office move or a new company name.


Is there any financial obligation for a FREE CLAIMED listing in ServiceLocal.net?

Answer: There is NO financial obligation for a FREE CLAIMED listing subscription in ServiceLocal.net.


What are the differences between a FREE CLAIMED listing and a PAID SUBSCRIPTION listing in ServiceLocal.net?

Answer: Our FREE CLAIMED subscription allows you to update basic listing description information and contact information.

Our PAID subscription allows you to update(or, we can update it for you at no additional charge) additional information that includes photos, business hours, accepted payment methods, advanced business descriptions, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), and more. SEO is essential for optimizing search keywords and phrases to prioritize your listing in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Thus, it is important to take advantage of all a listing has to offer, and that includes completing as much of your business information as possible.

Furthermore, a PAID subscription gets you a FREE Ad on our city based pages AND your listing is PRIORITIZED in search results. What this means is that PAID subscription listings have much higher visibility and click-through rates.


Is my information safe and private?

Answer: Yes. Your security and privacy are our priority. We use the industry’s best secure servers, software and safety protocols. We do NOT share your information with any 3rd party unless required by law or for the standard, required operation of ServiceLocal.net. You can review our Privacy Policy posted on ServiceLocal.net.


Is my payment information safe and secure?

Answer: Payment Processors. Ordering services through the ServiceLocal.net Platform involves utilizing the secured server of a payment processing service provider like (“PSP” e.g., Stripe®, PayPal®, etc.). These are highly secure industry-standard payment gateways used by a majority of online websites.