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Apple Business Connect: Enhance Customer Engagement

(This FREE tool empowers businesses of all sizes to personalize the display of their information across Apple apps.)

This update pertains to the recent introduction of Apple Business Connect, a free tool offered by Apple. This solution allows businesses of all sizes to claim their location place cards and customize the way key information is displayed to more than a billion Apple users via Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri, and other applications.

To paraphrase Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, he said, “The creation of Business Connect was driven by the desire to offer accurate information to Apple users globally with information on places to eat, shop, travel, and more. Apple Business Connect empowers every business owner with the necessary tools to connect with their customers directly and exercise greater control over the manner in which billions of people interact with their products and services on a daily basis.”

Apple Business Connect presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to enhance their online presence and reach a vast audience through the use of Apple’s applications.

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So, what’s the goal of Apple Business Connect? The answer is improving Customer Engagement within Apple Maps.

If you’re looking to enhance your customer engagement and improve your business’s presence on Apple Maps, look no further than Apple Business Connect! This tool allows businesses to manage their information directly on the interactive Apple Maps place card, including updating photos and logos, inviting customers to take actions like ordering food or making a reservation, and presenting special promotions.

Apple introduced a new feature called Showcases in the place card that allows businesses to highlight their best offers and incentives, such as seasonal menu items and product discounts, to their customers. Updating the Showcase section is simple with Business Connect and is currently available in the US with global availability shortly.

In addition, businesses can provide useful information to customers by highlighting actions they can take directly from the Maps place card, such as ordering groceries through Instacart, making a hotel reservation on, or reserving a table with OpenTable.

Apple Business Connect presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to enhance their online presence and reach a vast audience through the use of Apple’s applications, including Apple Maps. Take advantage of this tool to improve customer engagement and establish a stronger online presence for your business. 

At this point, you may be thinking, how do I register my business with Apple Business Connect?

It’s straightforward to do and it should only take a few minutes.

To Enhance Your Business’s Online Presence with Apple Business Connect – Business owners can create a new Apple ID or use their existing Apple ID — on their self-service website to register by going to from any desktop or laptop computer. Once you have logged in and Apple has verified your business, you can start updating and personalizing your place card – all for free!


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You can also Maximize Your Reach for businesses with multiple locations. The Business Connect API allows you to effortlessly deliver accurate and up-to-date information to Maps through listing management agencies such as Reputation, Rio SEO, SOCi, Uberall, and Yext. Make sure your customers always have access to the right information, at anytime from anywhere.

Apple understands the needs of small businesses and has designed Business Connect to help you reach your full potential. You’ll have the same level of access and customization options as global brands. Additionally, Business Connect is just one of Apple’s many services to help small businesses grow. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can easily and securely accept payments through Apple Pay and other digital wallets. And with Business Essentials, a subscription that includes device management, 24/7 support, and cloud storage, you have everything you need to take your business to the next level.

What’s the takeaway from today? If you haven’t already done so, add your business listing to Apple Business Connect.

It was my pleasure presenting to you today. Until Next time, good luck in your endeavors.

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