Free Paint Calculator and Guide

Free Paint Calculator and Guide


* This calculator & guide should be used as an estimating tool only. See the disclaimer below.

Paint Cost Estimator

Paint Cost Estimator

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(15 square feet for each window)
(20 square feet for each door)

Paint Calculator Guide

When embarking on a painting project, accurately estimating the amount of paint needed is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient process. By determining the area of the walls and ceiling intended for painting, you can calculate the required paint volume. This calculation hinges on the paint’s coverage rate.

Step-by-Step Calculation:

  1. Wall Area Calculation: Measure each wall’s height and length in feet. Multiply these dimensions to find the square footage of an individual wall. Sum the square footage of all walls to derive the total wall area.
  2. Ceiling Area Calculation: Determine the ceiling’s length and width in feet. Multiplying these figures will give you the ceiling’s square footage.
  3. Total Surface Area: Add the total wall area to the ceiling area to find the overall surface area you plan to paint.
  4. Understanding Paint Coverage: Paint cans or manufacturers’ websites usually list the coverage rate, indicating the area one gallon can cover in square feet.
  5. Paint Quantity: Divide the total surface area by the paint’s coverage rate to calculate the needed paint in gallons. Always round up to the nearest whole number to account for extra coats or potential spillage.

Illustrative Example:

Imagine painting a room with four walls, each 8 feet high and 12 feet long, and a ceiling measuring 12 by 14 feet. If the selected paint covers 350 square feet per gallon:

  • Wall Area: (8 ft. × 12 ft.) × 4 = 384 sq. ft.
  • Ceiling Area: 12 ft. ×14 ft.=168 sq. ft.
  • Total Surface Area: 384 sq. ft. + 168 sq. ft.= 552 sq. ft.
  • Paint Needed: 552 sq. ft. ÷ 350 sq. ft./gal = 1.58 gallons

To ensure coverage, you’d round up and purchase 2 gallons of paint, allowing for additional layers or mishaps.

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Disclaimer: The Paint Calculator and guide provided here are estimating tools only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, actual paint needs vary depending on project specifics, including surface conditions, application methods, and individual paint brand coverage. We recommend purchasing a little more paint than estimated to account for coverage variability and application technique. is not responsible for any discrepancies between estimated and actual paint usage. Always consult with a professional if unsure about your project’s specific requirements.