TOP Video Marketing Trends In 2023

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20 Facts About Video Marketing in 2023

As the number of people watching videos rises, so does the video marketing industry trying to identify the current video marketing trends. Marketers have a lot of data to sort through to figure out what viewers want from video content because a lot of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Especially at conferences and trade shows, many businesses are using video marketing to tell their stories in exciting and engaging ways. These 20 statistics for 2023 will give you a lot of ideas and market research for how to use video marketing in your business:

Video Marketing Trends

  1. Apple claims that TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2021. Article
  2. Eighty percent of customers desire more videos from businesses. Article
  3. Is YouTube surpassing Facebook as the most widely used method of influencing consumer behavior? Article
  4. Downloads and streaming will account for 82% of all internet traffic in 2022. Article
  5. Mobile devices are used to view more than 75% of all videos. Article
  6. When compared to other types of content, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share videos. Article
  7. It is anticipated that internet users will watch one million videos per second in 2022. Article
  8. 83% of video marketers have increased the amount of time website visitors spend on their page by using video. Article
  9. The video-promoting industry in the US alone is valued at $135 billion. Article
  10. Eighty percent of people would rather watch videos than read text. Article
  11. With 87% of businesses already using video, it has emerged as the most widely used marketing medium. Article
  12. It’s been reported that over 80% of marketers have used video to generate leads. Article
  13. According to a survey, 41% of study respondents said recordings diminish support calls. Article
  14. Marketers were pleased with their online video ROI by at least 88%. Article
  15. Cisco reported that live video makes up 17% of all internet traffic. Article
  16. Video advertisements increase brand awareness because they are the most common method customers discover and purchase from a business. Article
  17. Over the next five years, the market for video streaming is expected to reach over $184 billion. Article
  18. Emails that include videos have a 300% higher rate of click-through than those that do not. Article
  19. The quantity of everyday live transfers on YouTube has expanded by 54% beginning around 2020. Article
  20. After seeing a brand or product in Instagram Stories, 58% of people are more interested. Article
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Start Your Video Marketing Campaign

It’s time to concentrate on video content with these compelling statistics about video marketing. The internet and smartphones have made it easier than ever to communicate with customers via video, making video marketing more important in recent years. Anyone can market videos, and this technology is becoming increasingly important.

Even if video marketing isn’t your only marketing strategy, it can help your business grow and acquire new clients. Consider incorporating an online video marketing strategy into your social media marketing strategy if you want to increase your audience and get noticed. According to these statistics, people enjoy watching videos online.

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